Is there smthn wrong with me or its just that I am ugly or smthn.. I mean relationships nvr lasts more than a week?

To make things worse thy nvr really give a reasson to why thy are breking up... ladies a bit help in here... Comments will be highly appreciated


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  • I doubt that it's your looks. You seem fine looking based on your profile picture, plus you are getting women to date you, the relationship just isn't lasting. So I think it's time to consider your personality traits, behaviors, and habits which would be impacting women's interest in you. Can you think of ANYTHING you do that could be rubbing girls the wrong way or turning them off?

    Do you contact them enough?
    Do you contact them TOO much?
    Do you have interests that you can share with them?
    Is your home reasonably clean and tidy?
    Do you try to move to fast?
    Do you avoid commitment?
    Do you pressure for sex?
    Do you focus on their needs in bed?

    • Well now I am even more confused.. lol.. thanks anyway

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    • I don't know, I'm just wondering if the girls you're dating feel like you're moving too fast. I'm just brainstorming here. I actually have no idea what the problem could be.

    • 😂😂😂... anyways thanks..

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  • It's probably your atrocious grammar that turns her off. That or your apparent lack of self confidence.

    Both things you can fix and control.

    • there's a lot of spelling mistakes in that sentence.. 😂 😂.. Thnx mate

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  • What usually happens in ur relationships?

    • Well its goes pretty well in the beginning.. Like really well.. its just like she is sired to me or something.. We text all day.. we talk all night long.. bt after sometime probably after or two.. she starts to get all agitated paranoid maybe even jealous.. So once we were walking down the street and some girl well started staring at me as if like thy are hitting on me and i just smilled and she just flipped.. I don't know what i did.. in the end she was like this is not working anymore.. u are too good for me.. and the one before that dumped me because i had a female project partner who all happens to be my friend.. and she just assumed that there is something cooking betwen.. and she dumped me saying u deserve better i mean who says stuffs like that while i r dumping someone

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  • Lrn 2 spel m8.
    Maybe they broke up with you because you're illiterate.


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