Girls, My ex who dumped me gets jealous?

My ex and I first split up after a few months together as we were arguing every week and my drinking was a problem. We got back together for a couple of months, fell out again and she ended it saying nothing had changed... 2 months later after no contact (apart from things that had to be spoken about i. e. Group projects) , she finds out another girl likes me, completely turns on that girl and is visibly jealous and her friends are telling me I can't go there because it's unfair on her. I don't understand, she dumped me? I still have feelings for her but I'm not sure why she's jealous, does she regret her decision?


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  • Yes, she probably still has feelings for you. I don't know if she regrets her decision because you probably still drink a lot than she wants. But it definitely seems like she definitely can't let go of you completely. Just because someone dumps you doesn't mean they completely fell out of love.


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