Why does he keep contacting me?

ok so me and my ex broke up a little over a month ago and then he got back from clearlake...and was IMing me whenever he was online when I was too...he would do it just to tell me why my status said happy and I responded "why not happy?" then he replied with "I am"..and I said "thats good"..he followed on with saying "my cousin just got dumped by her boyfriend" (I knew they had been dating for years so I instantly felt bad for her) then I continued with saying "thats mean"..he went on with saying "she almost cried when she was leaving lol" and then I replied with saying "i would've cried too"...then I changed me status again to that I was dead on my feet tired but that today was so worth it..then he IM'd again saying "u" then I said "?" then he was like "U" then I was like "wat"..then he said "hi" and I responded with "hi" then nothing...then a the next night he IM'd me I told him I was going to sleep..then he said to skype with him and I said no that I didn't have skype on my laptop and he pretty much said fml...he's always the one to start the contact...and then I was tired of him trying to get at my friends and so I told him I'd hook him up with a random girl at the mall but to meet me at a nearby park so I could prep him on what to do and what not to do...so it came time to see him...i texted him to let him know I was there now...he never showed up..I texted, called him calls went directly to voicemail and I never got a reply back...he stood me up but I didn't let him ruin my day at all I had tons of fun that day I had plans for after I hooked him up with a girl...and I updated my status that day and said how much fun I had with my guy friends and just friends...and he went offline right away...and also that day his status was all like I'm so bored hit me up if you wanna do something...but of course I didnt


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  • He sounds like he was still interested in you but when you tried to set him up on a date, he didn't want it but played along with you and didn't show up. He is not feeling like chatting with you for now, so he decided to go offline and set his status not for your benefit but for anyone else he knows. I would He chats with you because he may see you as fun as well and he may be still interested in you.

    • I was guna set him up because he kept on asking for me to...and I decided to block him for a week or two....im just trying to forget him he put me through a lot and my friends and family think he's no good for me...im starting to think the same thing...but I don't know what the future might hold for me and him...i still like him a lot but yeah just a lot of bullsh*t that went on...

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