Can't get her out of my mind?

So I dated this girl for 3 years loved her to death but in the middle lost sight and started cheating on her we broke up and its 5 years later now but I still think about her even when I'm trying not to think about her il dream about her it got so unhealthy I moved countries to move on but I can't influence what I dream about call them dreams or nightmares in them I'm always trying to approach her just to say hi but somehow she always manages to get away and we never actually speak every dream happens like that 5 years have passed I expected to be over this but I'm still here do I have a mental disorder what should I do? And before I get hate I made a mistake to cheat and because of that mistake we broke up but that doesn't mean I didn't love her if I didn't 5 years later i wouldn't be stuck on the same topic by the way she has no idea we just casually text once or twice a year


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  • Well maybe you should date others , moving on with another might help

    • I tried dating imiditily after the breakup with decent girls but I didn't feel a connection I felt bad for the girls cause they would actually try but id just stop careig 2 weeks in and would end it so I stopped dating period and have been single for years now I think dating isint for me

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    • The guilt part is rite but its been so long i tell me self I learned a lesson from my mistake and move on and nope never asked because I mean I'm the one that cheated I can't ask to get back? Anyways I think ur rite I should explore it would help take my mind of things thanks so much for your help

    • Sure , just start with casual conversation first, ask later if she is willing to hang out with you and see how it will go for you

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  • Go get her and tell her how you feel. Easiest way to move on is to find soneone else. But since this is lasting for so long, you need to go there and do what has to be done. You Will eiher end it, or it will be the happy end.


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