Why can't some people handle breakups like mature grown-ups?

I told my long-term boyfriend (almost 3 years) that I see no future for us and that I think it is better to go our separate ways as I don't think I could marry him and grow old with him. I want to find that magical click that will make me wanna marry and build a family. He's not handling it very well... a lot of drama and telling me I am wrong and I will regret this; expecting me to keep the house so he can live there (the contract is in my name and it can't be changed). I don't even know what he told his parents, but I got a mad text from his dad saying I'm a horrible person. I thought that being honest and true about my feelings was always the way to go, but some people prefer to live a lie and ignore the issues.


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  • 👏, best question explanation I have seen today. The answer to this one depends on the guy. His personality and how he was raisen. Seem he is either not mature enough, haven't had any experience like it before, or he is really hurt. What ever it is you understand perfectly the situation and try to not blame. You do what is best for your future. I think you are wise enough to handle the situation, but as your questions. It just depends on the guy, everyone will be different.

  • answer is in the question... perhaps they are not as mature or grown up as you or they think they are. age is not always a good guide


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