After realizing u got cheated?

Hey hey,

I got had my relation with a girl... at 20 (maybe shamefull but I just wasn't interested before.)
And I was ridiculously in love. After 1.5 year I broke up after findiny out she cheated on me with like 4.. (found out by her phone) After confronting her she eventually told me te truth..

Well basicly: after the breakup and lots of shitty feelings I really doubt people really quick on their feelings and try to avoid getting to close to people... (yes probably bad).

Has anyone had a relatable situation and did you change?

Hope to see some reactions :) thanks in advance!


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  • Very same situation. Except I was with only one girl (she was 19 because I look old as shit compared to my age) and told me one night that she had a boyfriend before we meet and that he wasn't really her type (weak, didn't push her around, that stuff)

    Anyway I told her right then and there if I'm so great and he's so bad, choose now between me and him. She choose him and left. I find out weeks later she was actually engaged with the dude.

    I mean it's not my first time with a women but it was the first time it was actually a girl that cared about me and isn't dead Inside. She came to me and was flirting with me. Was the first time in my life anyone actually said you're worth while. Like you are a person and I really like you. Tears you up when someone treats you so nicely for the first time in your life and then smothers it in the ground.

    I have completely given up on women for the moment. Not to say I hate women but after all I went through and from all I hear, I have a very strong distrust that women are actually bring truthful.

    All I can say is tread lightly and good luck. There's someone out there. I haven't found one yet but once college starts I may have better luck.

    • Thanks for the reply mate!

      I'm the same now. My interest in getting close to woman is practically at 0%. Hope to meet the one when i'm interested.

      Best of luck for you aswell.

  • She cheated on yoh with 4 different dudes?

    • Well flirting with 2 of them and actually dating with 1... but found out none of them knew about it either. Well at least I found out before moving together.. (we planned that) no clue why she did it though.

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