Did she take me seriously?

I want to keep it as anonymous as possible.

I am East Asian. I dated a Vietnamese girl and I truly loved her and made sure she knew that. I was convinced she did too. Her parents are very strict about her going out and meeting other guys. (we are both undergrad college age and live with parents)

I was confident about meeting her parents and I did met them on 3 different occasions. Twice during holiday party at their place and once, I had a dinner with her family. (her, her dad, mom, her brother, me). To me, all of them liked me. Her family, her parents' friends, their kids, her friends etc. She also told me that I was the second boyfriend she introduced to her parents and they didn't like the first one. (she had many many boyfriends before that she kept secret from her parents). She said her parents liked me but only complained that I wasn't Vietnamese.

(3 months in)
Everything was good, honeymoon stage kinda faded and dates felt like just chilling. (it was during a break so we met quite frequently) One day after a normal date, she went home and didn't talk to me for a while. I know she got scolded by her parents for always coming home late. (10pm lol) I ask her what's wrong and she said give me some time alone. I assumed it has to do with her parents and her school/work stress so I didn't talk to her for about a week and a half. Then, on her social media, she posts a picture of two movie tickets (knowing that I would see it). that made me wonder if she's was okay now so I was expecting her to text saying she wants to see me or smthing. But 3 days after that, she texts me she wants to break up cuz she wasn't ready for relationship. I was devastated. So I told her not to do this over text and I went to her house at night to talk. She told me she wants a break from a relationship and she feels stressed. I had no choice.

Then she starts hanging out with a guy within a month. (now dating 2months later) I think it was the two movie tickets but what do I know
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  • "she had many boyfriends before" you're just one of them, so is the other guy she's dating currently. everyone's a toy to her

    • That would make sense but in Asian culture, introducing to parents is a big deal. I even had a private dinner with her family.

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    • No mate. It's not. They just bring the nice ones home. I did that. Tough shit sonny.

    • Yea you prob right fuck me for trusting her 🙃

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