Is it bad to go back with the same person that hurt you?

But is the one that's always there for you no matter what


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  • That's a question only you can answer. Even though that person is there for you no matter what, ask yourself, on a day to day basis... how does this person make you feel. Are you truly happy or does your happiness only come from the fact that this person is around and you think they're what's best for you right now? Are you settling? And most importantly, why does this person keep hurting you? If it's lack of communication or maturity, either fix the situation or leave it alone for good. If this person is dealing with other people and keeping you around telling you lies and whispering sweet nothings... leave it alone for good.


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  • YES YES YES. I don't care if someone's always there if they gonna continue to hurt me, then what's the use? The only person that's supposed to be there for you is YOU. Not some dusty disrespectful ass mf. When you have that "they're the only one who cares/there" mentality that's what's gonna let you accept these types of people into your life.

  • toxic relationships are always bad. it's a yoyo


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