What does it mean when a boy says he wants to be alone?

my boyfriend now ex has told me he wants to be alone.
we were together 6 years. A happy relationship.
its the most confusing break up. He said he needs to do this in order to fully commit, he feels after he's had this alone time he will be able too. He says he's never been on his own and would like to experience that before he fully commits. He said he knows he needs to be alone because its not fair on me if he's not 100% in it. I can't help but think its me but he's assured me its not. He said its not like I've fell out of love with you. Its not that I don't want to be with you, I don't want to be with anyone. I need to do this. He said he's not looking to move on and he just needs to be alone for a while to understand exactly what he needs.
I done the no contact but he messaged me and said he enjoys talking to me and he took the blame for everything that has or is happening. He said I want alone time but I still think the absolute world of you. He's admitted its confusing and has said his head is battered and he's sorry.
He's told me after his alone time he will want me back but too not wait around for him because its not fair on me. I love him and yes I'm heartbroken but I don't know what to do I feel like I'm waiting in limbo but I can't help but think what I'm going to do if and when he comes back. Im so angry and upset. I want to ask him what was so important about this time alone that he needed to jeopardise our entire relationship for. Why he left me heartbroken for weeks/months if he was just going to get back with me or try to. That he weren't scared of losing me, I'm single and he could have lost me.

I need advice I'm so lost what should I do. What do I take from what he's saying. Im on here because I need some advice from a lads perspective and what he's really thinking.


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  • He has basically seen the tip of marriage 6 years and said I don't wanna fuck one pussy the rest of my life that's pretty much it

  • I think he is probably going to make a big change in life some time soon and doesn't quite understand how he feels about your place in all of that. If I've had a connection with someone for a long time, it's difficult to imagine doing something different without them, but if I don't see continued connection to them as feasible I often feel the need to distance myself to understand what the person's role really is.

    For example, if I am making a career change and moving, does it make sense to bring my girlfriend with me to the next place?

    • why is he telling me he will want me back then :/ and that he feels after this alone time he can fully commit to me. He said he wishes he'd never of had girlfriends before me because it would be so much easier. I don't deserve to be treated like I don't matter like he's just threw me away for his own selfish reason of wanting to be alone 'right now'.

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    • Just FYI; setting a date doesn't make you look weak. If anything, it gives you power

    • i want to get back with him I'm just not willing to set myself up to get hurt, again. He ended our relationship if he wants me back its upto him to mend it again. I feel if I pressure him into making any decisions it will push him further away and I will just look needy and psychotic.

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