Such a confusing behaviour?

On the day of our breakup, my ex sent me a message that he calculated the money he spent on the relationship and want it back then he removed our pics, status and comments. Today which is like 5 days later he sent a message again about the money saying I should be fair and it does not havr to be like that. I changed my cover pic yesterday and got few comments on guys.
I can not understand his behavior at all anymore


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  • Did you impose equality on him? Then he is reacting. Otherwise this is not normal.

    • Sorry but do not get what you mean

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    • Look he is basically trying to show equality between two genders. Either he is reacting to feministic debates with you or someone else. Or he actually believes in feminism and equality of the two genders. You see he is behaving otherwise the social norms which we usually consider cheap. Either he is a cheap guy or he is just trying to show you the cheapness it can have to prove a point.

    • But basically its his way to have the last word

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  • Wow what an ass this is my first time in 26 years of my life hearing such thing! Damn

    No don't give anything back you didn't Force him to pay for and you didn't Write any notary or anything stating 'if we break up you have to pay back ' that's crap.
    He is extremely way too immature and it seem like he has an anus personality!

    First, you did good you broke up with him CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊
    Second, if he does this again tell him to stop if not you can go to the police and accuse him oh stalking you and asking for money!

    • Thanks I agree with you. just he is too presistant like did not even let a week pass which was kinda weird to me

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  • What's confusing? It's over, what else is there?

    Oh, and tell him 'sue me' about the money. Pshaw.

  • Sour grapes is one thing but asking for a refund takes the biscuit!

  • How much? Just curious


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  • He's bitter. Time to move on. Block him from your social media.


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