Is it time to end it?

So lately in my relationship I haven't been happy. I've been feeling this way for quite some time. Me and my girl aren't fighting a lot or anything, we get along well and I just haven't been feeling like I used to. Maybe we hit a rut or something but is it time to end it or maybe just take a break for a little bit?

btw, we have tried talking about it and doing some I guess exciting things together but I just don't feel it anymore.


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  • you can lose romantic feelings for someone even when nothing went wrong and you have been dating for a while, it happens. There's no use trying to force anything though, you should be honest and the girl might be upset at first but in the end she will respect that you told the truth, because who wants to be with anyone that doesn't see them in a romantic way? it doesn't work and you will both get over it, and you can most likely still be friends.

  • Then be honest. I have always believed that if you're meant to be with someone, whatever comes between you cannot truly break you. If you're unhappy, then what's the point in trying? Too many couples stress about trying to fix something that isn't exactly's just not there. Now, this does not mean that you don't love, care or like each just means that the entire connection just isn't there. Be patient with your feelings, take control and explain that you're not feeling the same and you just want to be honest and hope to be friends.


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