Broke up with my girlfriend for 6 yrs?

I need a women point of view on this. Me and my ex broke up we been in a relationship for 6 yes and have a child together bit she also has a kid herself. At the time we meet I was going to collage she started to talk on fb and then started texting each other we slowly started to see each other and then over time moved in together she mention that she had a kid. Everything was going really good about a year ago we split up and I found out that she cheated on me with my friend after a few months passed she found out that my friend didn't work out so we got back together and started to see a counseling so I can regain her trust again we stop after 6 months then the old stuff started to coming back again then this year she told me that she loved me very much and she see us getting married and she said that she want us to work on are own issues when we split for the second time I found out that she started to date a guy. Now that started to focusing on myself I know one day she is going to want to come back what do I do?


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  • She's already cheated.. twice. I would suggest to not go back to her. Just focus on you and the child you have with her, other then that, you're not obligated too


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  • Wow. You... just... wow. you know I have some very lucrative investments you might be interested in.

    If you can't tell if think you are very naive. Listen to the women that have posted before me. Damn.


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