I need help getting someone to like me, I'm so unconfident!

How can I get a guy to like me? I feel so unwanted by guys atm, just because I'm not a slag. I don't sleep around.

But I'm not frigid either. But trying different sexual positions scares me in case I'm no good.

I feel ugly all the time. It's horrible.

All my mates that are guys like girls that are sexually experienced. And although I'm not a virgin, I have had one sexual partner who was my boyfriend. And now I feel no guy will want me as I'm not as experienced as them.


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  • For one honey you shouldn't have sex with just anyone. When you find that one sex will come easy because you will learn to be comfortable with each other and eachothers bodies no matter what. Don't sweat it there's someone out there for everyone!


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  • Um, who's making you feel bad for not wanting to sleep around? You're hanging around the wrong people...

    • If a guy doesn't want you for that reason then he is not worth it. It is perfectly respectable to have had only one partner.

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