Why won't he text me back?

okay so in a text he told me: that he wants me to start texting him more often(so he wants me to be the first one to start the convo, instead of him starting it) okay that was the end of our convo because he had to go to work.. then I texted him at 11:35pm at night saying hey babe(hes not sleeping,hes an all nighter like me). then he never texted me back. not even the next day. so I was sending him texts and still no responds(I'm not being clingy or needy either). so I gave up, so if he wants to talk to me he can text me, because obviously I'm texting him and he won't text me back after he said he wants me to text him first. so w.e.. so the q is he asked me to text him, so I do, then he won't ever text me back, why?


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  • WIll you please stop sending this guy texts? YES, YOU ARE BEING CLINGY. He is getting off on the attention you are giving him. He has NO Feelings for you - he's only playing some stupid game because he can. Sounds like a jerk.. You call a guy and YOU have to be the first one to start a convo? What is THAT about? You take orders from somebody like that? He sounds like an idiot. Don't waste ANY MORE TIME on this loser. You are giving him attention and he likes it. THAT IS ALL. He is bored and doesn't text you back because he is TALKING TO OTHER GIRLS.. PLEASE STOP. You are making a fool of yourself. Sorry. If they don't text you back.. ( AND DON"T PURSUE A GUY. He has to chase YOU!?) it means they are

    NOT interested. Hugz. Find a guy who adores you. This guy is NOT it.


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