How do I break up with a lady? Just need this in case I break up with my gf?

Would any girl or guy have advice on how to break up with someone, like do I hint at it or do I just drop it on, I wanna know cause my heart feels like I could get better but my mind says to stay, but there's a bit in my heart that also says to stay, what do I do?


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  • The fact you're even contemplating it means you aren't fully committed to the relationship. So just end it. Do it in person, explain why. Dropping hints is too passive aggressive and can come off as more hurtful. :)

    • Another blunt and quick rwply, thanks

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    • I was hit by that in relationship #1 (# means number) and I was thinking "of course it's me! That's the whole reason you break up with someone! Them!"

    • Yikes that really sucks :( That's gotta be one of the worst "reasons" for breaking up. Especially with how vague it is.

  • If you're gonna break up with her be a man and do it in person


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  • The mature way would be to sit her down over a coffee and discuss your relationship. Explain that your struggling to find a way forward, ask her opinion, and either work something out or agree to go your separate ways.
    Not many achieve this.
    And at 13, your probably just text her, right?

    • Thanks dude, this is actually insightful and to the point, I expected some beating around that Bush but no, you just said basically here's how you do and are done, thanks, cause I am not here for fluff

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