To all the men out there who cheat?

do you really love your girlfriend if your cheating on her?

what do you think of the other women?

why do you do it?

I'm talking full affairs not one night stands.. see I'm the other women

so I'm just trying to understand a little bit about it as curious?

no negativity please, just need to listen to the guys views or the women who have been the 'other women'

thanks for your help.


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  • I haven't cheated, but I've thought about it, and that desire has nothing to do for how I feel about my wife.

    I'm a lot older than you (40), so maybe my perspective is quite a bit different, having been in the same relationship for more than ten years (rather than a couple years or less).

    Being in a long term relationship has many rewards that a short-term affair can't come close to. But what it doesn't have is the excitement you experience when getting to know someone new.

    I miss that excitement, sometimes.

    I think that the only reason I haven't followed through on an affair is because I don't want to hurt my partner - *not* because I'd feel a lack of faithfulness, emotionally, to her. I'd feel exactly the same amount of love for her as I did before. Maybe this is because as men we're programmed differently, and not biologically interested in a single, long term sexual partner.

    Short of an amnesia-causing brain injury, there isn't any way to "rekindle" a relationship in a way that brings back that feeling you have when you first get to know someone.

    This doesn't mean I ever will cheat on my wife, but if I ever do I seriously doubt it will be because I don't love her.

    Now with your situation I can't tell you what your guy was thinking. I think a lot of guys don't have enough respect for their partner's feelings (especially young guys, and gals for that matter). If there's something there between you two then maybe you should ask yourself what it means to you that he cheated, and worry less about what it meant to him. If you think he cheated 'cause he isn't serious enough about the relationship, well, maybe that should be a sign.

    In the end, go with your gut.

    • Good answer! oh no he didn't cheat on me, he's cheating on a girl with me.. totally differant. I was just curious wondering what he actually thinks you no if he does love the girl he's with and if so why does he need me sort of thing, its confusing I no but anyway thank for your answer.

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  • a full affair probably means you don't love the girl your with. A one night stand can usually be a lapse of judgement, sometimes your hormones take over and you doubt if this is the girl you really want to be with but after sex you usually find out

  • Do you believe a person can only love one person at a time? I don't.

  • its not just guys who cheat on there partner.

    thats all I'm saying on the subject

    • I no its not I'm just trying to understand guys that are in that situation because guys think differantly to girls...

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    • Ah I understand, thank you

    • Cool

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