Someone who left me just texted me. What should I do?

I met this guy 2 years ago. He was all i could have asked for, and we were both in love with each other. He entered a mid life crisis and he just asked for some space...
I hadent heard from him for a long time, until he texted me yesterday. He said letting me go was the biggest mistake of his life. I have a boyfriend now, and I haven't seen this guys in 2 years. What should I do?


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  • Damn. I feel like I'm on the other side of your story. Mine is the exact same as yours except I'm the guy (obviously)

  • He made that mistake, you are not to cheat or leave your current boyfriend, tell him the ship has sailed and that you've already moved on.

  • Make him sweat

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    • yeah I know. The thing is, he was perfect, and when I say perfect, I mean it. When I was with him 2 years ago, I never wanted things to end, so now that I have the chance to go back to him, I don't know if I should take it or not, because if I don't take it, and then I dont get another chance I'm going to regret not taking it for a very long time (possibly even the rest of my life).

    • When dating people have little rules out there that people use so they won't be walked on. You can go back to him but make him work for it don't just jump every time he snaps his fingers. I think you know what I mean

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