I really can't stop thinking about this please guys give me some advice I really need it?

Ok I wrote my ex we broke up August 26 and like I just decided to text him but I noticed after we broke up he blocked me on Snapchat and Facebook but we never was friends on Facebook. Weird how he didn't block my number though normally he would but I texted him he didn't reply so I then called and he picked up fast which was weird so I told him look at his msgs he said ok and hung up. From there we started texting I said I miss him he asked me why I miss him and I told him and then he said how he feel whatever then I sunt him a funny video we laughed about it, then talked about other stuff but after I replied with laughing emojis he never wrote back and the time he stopped replying was the time he leave work and head home but that's something he don't do he would reply and try starting a new convo or something but didn't and I just feel stupid I feel like I should just let it go and move on. Do you guys think he moved on? That he stopped replying because maybe he is around someone after work or heading to someone?


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  • I think you should ask him so you can move on


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