Can you come up with something funny to break up with a clingy partner?

Can you come up with something funny to break up with a clingy partner?
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  • I never understood why clingy was such a negative in a relationship, they are usually pretty easy to please and you can usually explain to them when you need space, other wise its affection on demand.

    • if you have to ask, you've never been in a "clingy" relationship. It isn't about how easy you are to please; it's that you have to define borders that should be obvious...

      then they act offended or think you're hiding something when they realize you actually have them.

      and as a word of advice... people like that are the most likely to resort to gossip/drama when they don't get their way...

    • @WildBill6976

      Ahh, that doesn't sound like a clingy relationship to me, that sounds like a relationship were the woman is constantly looking for validation in a relationship with someone who she herself isn't sure if she wants to commit to it, and then becomes manipulative in order to secure herself. I would call that a manipulative relationship, not clingy, I usually notice this behavior and end the relationship before it gets beyond sex.

      My experience in clingy relationships is that the girls generally are really insecure about the relationship as a whole. They text and call persistently, ask constantly if i love them, worry insistently if i'm loosing interest in them and try to find every excuse to accompany me in whatever i am doing no mater how unpleasantness it is. I would say its annoying but i have never ended a relationship for that kind of behavior, it flatters me, its only once it slides into possessiveness or paranoia that it becomes a problem.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I used to think you took my breath away. I now realize it was just ur dumbass suffocating me


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  • I liked d

  • Just break up with them civilly. They are still a human being with feelings.

  • I'd just say I can't be in the presence of their perfection anymore.

  • I'd love a clingy guy tbh

    • What do you find attractive in that? The attention? Just wondering

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    • No, I don't see it that way. To me, being clingy just means you need a lot of attention. Being clingy isn't the same thing as being controlling, jealous, manipulative, or possessive, but I feel it has a bad connotation that makes it associated with these things.

  • why do you have to be so mean?

    • It's just a fun question. Most people probably won't do it. It's just about thinking in your head "If I could tell him/her, I'd say this"

    • okay. I dont think it's funny. everyone has issues, we aren't perfect you know?

    • Sure. Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone.

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