Asked a girl I have talking to if she is interested in me (ends badly)?

There was this girl that i know since childhood. I was 17 year old when i first approached her and asked her if she is interested in me sending her texts on her phone (stupid i know) i had a crush on her back then she said no and we didn't talk after that.

Forward to about when in was in University 23 years old and doing my engineering. The girl i mentioned adds me on her social media and i start talking to her. We start to talk and things turn out good. Those old feelings start to come back and i started to like her but i had doubts in my mind that she might not think the same way.

I text her one day and ask her " i would like to know if you want to get to know me better" (it's a vague way to ask someone if they are interested but i thought she would get it). She answers "yes definitely" i am over the moon at this point and we hit it off by chatting and sharing snaps etc with each other. We would almost do that daily for about two months i guess. I start to assume she likes me too.

At the time of writing this article 30 mins ago we had a conversation where it turns a bit deep and i tell her "i like you". She says "what?" " Why would you even say that" and starts to demand answers about why i told her that. At this point i am in shock and devestated and things turn downwards from there.

She says that she had only two people she like some senior in her college and some other guy. She says " do you want to know if i am interested in you? No". It sank my heart when she said that.

Afterwards she says that" we can be friends and we can talk like the same if you want to". I simply text her" it's best if we don't." We haven't talked yet.

I feel really sad. I opened up to her and i being an introvert shared things i hold dear to me and it all ends in vain. I know it's partially my fault because i told her i liked her. I should have waited a little more. I am just writing this so that i may vent my thoughts on this platform.
i would like your opinion on this.
Asked a girl I have talking to if she is interested in me (ends badly)?
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