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I've been loyal and loving. But I end up being cheated of left out. I'm a home girl, like I don't usually go out a lot and I thought guys like that. But after break ups I've been to. I seems to be sad all the time now. I feel like I'm always being taken for granted, and no ine takes me seriously. And this time, I seems to have this trust issues to guys now, even if I tried not to. I couldn't help but don't trust anymore. My mind is block with upcoming admirers. I am a cashier, and receive compliments about my physical look and sometimes how nice I am they said. I tend to be quiet and just smile to them that's like my main characteristics. I feel so lonely. And scared to be in love again. I don't know if its a good thing to not be in love again when sometimes I want to feel being loved and special to someone. It's confusing me, sorry, if I am confusing you too now. Help me. I don't feel okay.


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  • The only thing you can do is to keep trying, trust me there are guys out there looking for someone just like you so you can't just throw in the towel and give up. Just remember to use your experiences to better judge the candidates next time in order to minimize your chances of catching another bad fish.

    • I feel like I'm not good enough I think that's why most part of me now don't want a guy in my life anymore. I don't know. I think I can't endure anymore another disappointment.

    • I can't really blame you for feeling like that, and I can't really say it'll be better next time as well since searching for the right relationship is an uphill battle. How long has it been since your last and if it hasn't been that long I think you should take a break for a while and find another thing you can focus your affection on until you feel like you can take the risk of disappointment once more like getting a pet or so. An example are dogs and their unconditional love for you, they aren't called man's best friend for a reason

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  • Don't lose hope coz sometimes life is unfair


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