Should I switch body parts?

I am 16 years old. I want to be a man but afraid that my family won't love me anymore.
what do I do?


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  • and i want to be a girl so bad.

    • why?
      Please tell me why and good things about being a girl.. I really need it.. thanks

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    • (c) Psychological side
      1-it's nice thing to feel like you are a beautiful diamond
      2-feeling that you are emotional is great.
      3-having a guy who take care of you and treating you very nice making you feel safe.
      4-as a girl it's not exepected from you to be always strong and have no emotions On the contrary it's expecting from guys.
      5-the feel that you are something your man take care about and protect is a unique feeling.

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  • First of all think very well about it. If you really want to do that, you just need someone to be there if your family doesn't support they lost. Try talking to them to make them understand that you don't feel good with the body you have. And give them Algood reason. Save money for that, find a good doctor.

    • Thanks. They don't know anything about this yet but I've been thinking about this for over 6 months.
      How should I tell them?
      My mom will probably yell at me

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    • You need to think about it very well, but the best way is if you talk to someone who did what you want. Find a website maybe you know what I kean

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  • First and foremost, you need counseling. A professional that will help you sort and understand your feelings.. I would love to tell you that your parents will love you no matter what, and that is generally true, but each case is different. Get talking to a professional , you will start getting answers...

    • do you know anyone/website I can talk to?

    • I dont, but I would look up transgender support groups. From there you might be able to find professional help , one on one help. This is a big thing.. make sure its what you want, and its not some form of body dis-morphia (sp?) I wish you all the luck you need, and hope for strength for you in this journey. _Phil

    • thanks

  • Give it a few years like 20-40 years to really think about it... I dont think you can dicks on chicks...

  • Give it sometime so you can be sure about it.

  • I'll switch parts with you

    • gladly

    • I'm not big I'm 5 1/2 inches erect

  • Stop being dumb
    You're a girl

    • I don't want to be a girl

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    • then what makes a guy a guy?

    • You're born that way

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  • This is something you really need to think about. You should do what makes you happy. And your family should love support and accept you for you and who you want to be. Your family will probably be shocked and confused but they will always love you.


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