Broke up with my boyfriend a month ago. Now he's going out with someone else. Is she a rebound?

I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago bec our rel isn't healthy anymore there are a lot of fights and i think that breaking up will be the best for us. He got mad at me and doesn't wanna talk to me. 2 weeks ago i spoke with his mom and told me that my ex was badly hurt and she wish that we will get back together and told me to visit sometimes so my ex and i can talk. A week ago he even asked his mom to tell and visit at their house but i told her mom that I dont want to anymore. And he asked a coworker if i'll attend the party. He clearly knows that i dont wanna get back with him anymore. We are not friends on fb anymore but i saw a photo of him with a girl together with his cousins. His cousin uploaded the photo. Is she might be a rebound? I'm pretty sure that he just met this girl weeks ago.
P. S i asked a friend to look at his profile on fb but the photos aren't added on his wall.


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  • You broke up with him, so it's best to wish him the best & move on. There's nothing useful about looking online for pics where he's with other girls.


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