When your friend turns on you?

My ex met my mom behind my back and told her shit and lies about me which put her against him that bad that she became against for us to talk or see each other.
Good friend of mine knew about us and my ex keeps on writing him and asking about me and try to make me back to him. Last time we talked I asked for this subject to be closed and when he wrote me today I asked to leave me out of this. Even if I still love him I can't back to him after what he did.. my friend told me to try to convince my mom to let me back to him which is impossible... Anyways my friend turned on me because he's standing in middle of us that no-one asks him to and called me cold just because my ex going through shit.. What should I do?


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  • No you have to drop your friend, he is not respecting your wishes. If he was really your friend, he would want the best for you. you ex is trouble. You need to be clear to him that you are going to drop him as a friend if he continues


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