How to help someone that just got out of a relationship?


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  • The best thing you can do for this person is to help them by giving them comfort and space. Let that person know you're there for them anytime they need someone to rant to, to lean on, or are in need of some cheering up.
    Everyone handles breakups differently, but at some point we all do need someone trustworthy and supportive to commit ourselves to when seeking some help getting by.

    Also, make sure to keep in touch with this person. If they ask for space, grant it, but DO check up with them in a few hours or the next day. Breakups can lead to depression, so be aware of how this person is doing and keeping tabs will allow you to do that, and also lets this person know you care for them and are there to help.

    Other great things you can do is be selfless and empathize what they are going through. Be sure to try and get them out of their house / appartment a couple days a week, as this lets the mind break away being stuck inside and takes in different feelings, and thoughts.
    - Be there to listen. Ask, and talk about the breakup if the person wants to. Have a quiet night in with some comfort food and discuss.
    - Be positive. Grant positive vibes, use kind, supportive words and help this person know that though a heart is broken, it will heal in time. Reassurance, and good energy really help.
    - Surprises. Surprise this person with a small gift here and there. Maybe send a card one day, a cute, happy card telling this person how great they are. Or bring them their favourite snack, movie, food, etc.

    Be sure to focus on yourself too, but if you're really wanting to help this person get over a breakup, it takes a while but time is the best thing to heal.
    Keeping this persons mind busy with different activities, inviting them out to join you on social events, introducing them to new friends, etc. Find and do things bit by bit, and eventually you will notice a difference in this person.
    I am sure this person you're seeking to help will really appreciate everything you do for them.
    Best wishes to you and your pal!


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