How do you move on when you'll love someone no matter how much they hurt you?

If someone hurts you and you still love them, want the best for them, would spend the rest of your life with them and will do anything for them, how do you move on?


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  • It takes time. Every day you need to get up and live your life. The best way is to hide everything and avoid everything that reminds you of that person. Keep yourself busy. It's hardest at night when you have time to think, but you have to take it one day at a time. Eventually, you find someone else.

    • Wow I never realized guys thought it was harder at night.

      i know a lot of girls do and I was wondering if guys do this too, before you go to sleep do you usually lay there and think about whatever girl problems you have?

    • Of course, it happens, but for me I always think of other problems too. The worst part is you have dreams and nightmares that you are still with that person. Then you wake up out of breath or lost. Eventually, it dies down since you meet other people.

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  • Make up your mind that it's time you let him go.

  • It's all in your head, you're under 18, the chances of you finding actual love is 1 in a million. You got a full life ahead of you so cut the baby love crap and live your life

    • Ha you're so stereotypical I may as well have lied about my age on here.

      baby love? okay just because I'm under 18 doesn't mean I have the maturity of someone who is. my best friend is 21 and I'm almost 18, will be in november.

      yeah I know the chances of it lasting aren't high but if you always think like that good luck ever finding anyone to marry

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    • No problem, but just remember that sometimes you have to think logically and realistically, this will help you a lot in your life to come!

    • Yeah I know. I may come across really naive but I'm usually pretty logical I'm just trying to weigh out both sides.

      thanks again

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