Just recently spilt up with my husband?

My husband and I just spilt up I am a mother two all 3 of his kids but he is saying that he can Reprocess the car if He go's without a car so do I his name and signature on that receipt he has been paying for it why I was paying for everything else that was the deal So what I'm asking is can he do this?
Sorry forgot to add the car is in my name


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  • Yes, it happened to my friend. Go to court so he supports the kids


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  • The company the loan for the car came from can repossess the car if payments aren't made or whoever the loans name is in calls to voluntarily surrender the vehicle. Every state is different.
    If the car is in his name and the loan for it is as well, he can have it taken away. If you have signed divorce papers, you're lawyer should be going over the division of assets. If not he's probably trying to bully you or just be mean. Get a lawyer asap and have all the records or copies for yourself.

    • It's in my name and I am taking over payments the lonen is through a man around town who helps people out and he knows that we have just split up I don't think I can devoces him yet as it not long happened

    • Then no. Your husband can't do shit. A loan like that probably isn't even legally binding to any of y'all. The car ultimately belongs to the guy whom gave you the loan, if anything. if you don't make payments he would probably take it from you and just resale it.

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  • You should check with your lawyer.

    • I don't have one as it's only fresh we only broke up on Wednesday

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