I'm broken and can't recover?

Okay so 4 months back we broke up and the relationship was intimate but something was not right and we almost had arguments and what not, she started to pull off and I started to try and fix this now she's with another classmate of mine whose been her best friend since the beginning.
I've tried everything to move on but she would drop hints that she still misses me every now and then whenever I start to feel okay and this breaks my heart further.

So we had this final argument and now we don't talk at all but somewhere I still feel broken and my self esteem has taken a hit to the extent that I don't find any reasons to exist or maybe focus on productive things.

How do I deal with this please suggest.


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  • I understand. It sucks to be rejected or dumped. I have gone through the same thought process which you have described. For quite some time I used to wake up with anxiety and feel that my life is over and not worth living. It's one of the worst feelings in the world. But the thing is that it doesn't last. When I used to have such feelings I used to just lie down and let those feelings come. Don't fight them. It's just a bad state of mind and has no basis in reality. Feed urself with positive thoughts when u r having such feeling such as " so many people love and value me... I will get through this. I love myself." Then force urself to do some work or watch a movie or anything else. Don't think u r the only one. Everyone has gone through this. It's just a phase. This too shall pass. Take care

    • That's what I need help for, can't live myself.
      I was to be the independent guy even emotionally and now she's transformed into this weak person.
      My self reliance is gone my love for life hobbies , everything is gone.

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