Older guy at my church?

There's this guy that goes to my church and he's pretty cute and he's in the band and he's sweet but he's like 25. Now don't get me wrong I don't have a crush on him, but I swear he has a crush on me. But the thing is I'm 16 so he tries hi hardest not to show it. He looks at me all the time, starts up random convos, makes jokes, he pays attention to everything I say, and last time he even jokingly told me he wanted my flip flops and asked if he could try them on. Should I just let it go? or what should I do?


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  • Uhhh... if you don't want anything, then just let it go. Yeah OK, maybe he does have a crush on you, but that just means he'll be extra-friendly with you and stuff. I seriously doubt he's gonna try going ANYWHERE unless you give him hints. So just don't give him any hints. If you treat him just like a friend, that's where it's gonna stay.

    But if you do things like acting sexy on purpose or flirting with him and stuff, using specific body language when you're with him, then guess what? You're gonna drive him crazy. It sounds fun and go ahead and do it if you want - it's not like he's gonna mind. >.> Just be careful because you never know guys these days, they might end up doing something stupid if you entice them too much.

    • Id like to try something with him but I don't know if my dad would be too happy lol my dad goes to the same church obviously and he would have to know if something was going on and I doubt he'd approve of it. well maybe because the dudes a good guy and he's christian and stuff. hmm. do you think I should just give him a chance?

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    • Well that's up to you. If you want a relationship with him then sure, ask him if he wants to meet up with you somewhere outside of church and see how things turn out. If you think this guy is decent, then I don't see what the problem with doing that is. Just remember, society might not be very accepting with the two of you hanging out with each other, so you might have to lie about your age eventually to avoid awkward situations where everyone's accusing him of being a pedo. -.- Good luck! :D

    • Lol okay sounds good, thank you for the advice! :D

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  • if he is a christian guy ... a good man.. he might actually want to eventually marry you . I am a muslim myself and have a bit of religious influence in me. So when I see even a gil on teh street.. I tend to imagine myself marrying her.

    if you develop a crush on him and like him.. it ight not be a bad idea if he is that good committed man. Otherwise I agree with ''Timeandtimeagain'' on everything.

  • age is big difference dear

    9 years is not less

    find out some guys of your age

    becuase if you love him and he is older then you and I know what he want to do

    so its not good for u

    so just leave him.



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  • Maybe he's just being nice. Some people are just open and friendly

    • I can tell when a guy likes me, he was just nice and open at first but then he started acting a little differently around me, every time id come around him he'd pay attention to my everymove and everything I said, he'd get a little nervous and fidget, he would find any excuse to talk to me about little things. he wasn't like that a couple months ago.

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    • Yep, that's why he tries his hardest not to show that he likes me cause he thinks its wrong for him to like a girl my age. he's like early/mid twenties.

    • Ah. I think you need to give him space and let him know it's not possible between you 2

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