Could I and should I try to move on while still hoping of getting back to my ex? How can I do that?

So I and my ex-bf dated for a year and a half. He's been dating a lot before but he never cared for anyone as much as he does for me. We had ups and downs and had our own sets of problems.

I sensed that we had communication problems and was trying to fix them, but it happened before I could do anything. He just told me that he wanted to break up, said he's been thinking about this for months and finally made up his mind for about a week. He felt like we grew apart and became different people, especially he himself changed a lot. He wanted to be alone, to know himself more and did not want to be in a relationship. That the trust issue we had also contributed a small part. He agreed to try working it out with me, but after 2 weeks he told me that he did not think it would work.

The thing is that he said he still loves me, wants me, and cares about me, that he would still be here for me, I can call him and spend the night and reach out whenever I need/miss him. We even promise each other that we would not date anyone else before we give each other another try, which I kinda believe as he claimed he did not want a relationship so why would he date anyone else. He thinks that we are right for each other but now is not the time as we need to work on ourselves and have a lot of growing up to do. He does see a future of us together and want to be with me again, but again, not now.

I have been going low to no contact for about over a week and honestly, I'm devastated. What do you think about our actual chances of our getting back together in the future, and what I should do? I know I should move on, take good care of myself, and live my life, but I don't want to lose him for all the great connection and love we share. Keeping the hope of reconciliation sounds naive and blinded, but honestly, that is the only way I could feel grounded and work on myself.



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What Guys Said 1

  • Just ask him and be very direct if he thinks that you can get back together or not...

    You just said that he wants to give it another try
    So if he really says it like this I think there is a good chance

    What was the reason for brake up?

    • He said he will be there if you need him...
      Tell him how you feel...

    • Well, he said we might be able to get back together in the future when we are both ready for it again, but right now it is not going to work so we broke up for good now.
      The reason was he just feels like we changed and became different, he doesn't want to be in a relationship now, and we needed to work on ourselves before we could get back together.

What Girls Said 1

  • Try it put your feelings aside (I know hard to do) and focus on other things going on in your life. Respect that he needs space and time to figure out what he wants. If he has a real emotional connection with you he will come back around. They always do.


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