Why is my ex being really nice to me?

My ex and I work together and that is how we met. Not long ago when I would talk to her he would not sound happy about talking to me. Now it is different. She came to work on her day off to buy things and she said hi to me first. today We talked for a little. And it was different. It was like she as happy to talk to me. She didn't sound mad or anything. At work today we had to bury and dead cat. There was other people around. She put the cat in the hole and i put dirt on it to cover it and she helped with that. It is almost like she wants to be friends again and that is what i want. thoughts?


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  • Its a trap, all exes sre evil creatures from hell

    • lol. do you think she wants me back?

What Guys Said 1

  • She's older. Your mate value is increasing, hers is decreasing.


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