How to get over someone?

I fell for someone I shouldn't have and now I need to move on before I get hurt. It sucks bc I really was falling for this guy and I wish the timing was different. However I cannot stop thinkin about him and I feel almost like I'm obsessing which totally isn't me. It's just been years since I've dated or found someone I like as much as I do him. Any tips on how to get him out of my head! (He lives next door so I see him or things that remind me of him often).


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  • Honestly, It just takes time, I dated a girl for a year, Loved her to bits, Shit breakup, Left me for another dude blah blah blah, And honestly, That shit takes months, I think it was around may, And, Not even lying, Occasionally she slips my mind (Admittedly mostly now its just non pleasent thoughts) But, It will stay in your mind for a while.

    I think the best thing you can do, Is just, Try and mix up your life a bit, like, This may sound fucking ridiculous, but where i was living, Just fucking, Every little fucking thing reminded me of her, Like, If i went to a certain par of the house, even dumb shit like opening a wardbrobe was associated with opening the wardrobe that i did with her (Sounds retarded i know but, Literally every fucking thing reminds you of them), Since i moved into my apartment its a lot better, Nothing in my life anymore realy is associated with how it was with her,

    I honeslty think the best thing to do is just kind of mix up your life a bit, Get rid of all the things you associated with them, No matter how small or dumb, It helps


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  • Realize that fairy-tale romance is a lie and that you've been indoctrinated since childhood.

    You see - it's perfectly okay to crush, to really like someone and show it, no problem. The issue is if it EVER makes you to bend over too far, to sacrifice your interests when you don't really mean it.
    Never do that. Your own interests first, always. Ever heard it, you should always love yourself first, before love anyone else? These are the fundamentals.

    So that being said.. it didn't work with someone. Big deal. With someone else it will be better. Nobody's special... when everyone is.

    What screws you over are chemicals in your brain. Nature wants you to be attached, it thinks you're about to have babies and these attachment-chemicals force you to form a family unit, in order to better insure the survival of the offspring. This is subconscious instinct. It got nothing to do with conscious reasoning.
    Most likely you're not going to have children, especially with this guy, so understand that these chemicals being there and trying to "punish" you as apparently you're not doing what they want you do is more like a bug, an archaic bio-system which holds you back and is incompatible with more modern human life. See what it really is and then it becomes much easier to get over it.

  • Time heals almost everything

  • find someone else, thats the only way I've found

  • By keeping busy and focusing on other things. Worst thing you can do it sit around doing nothing and therefore allowing yourself to think about it. Now it really sucks he's next door, but keep your mind busy on other things, that and time and you'll get over it. It'll get easier and easier.


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