How to forget someone?

It's been since four years we met and i have known her for seven years. We were never friends or lovers. but I loved her, she was the girl whom I felt a deep connection, someone, I dreamt of living together and sharing my life and love, Nothing really happened due my own fears and prejudices coz i was never able to confess my true love for her.

Now its been four years, i met her. i thought i will forget her eventfully and move on with my life but it never happpend. Since then i am crawling inside thinking of her, the way she walks, how she looks at me calmly, the eye contacts we made , the total 100 words e talked still running through my head. and its been weighing on me with a long and distant cry.

I always want to move on. But i can't seem to do it. watever I am and whereveer i am, she is still in my head and sometimes i talk like she is near me. Everything in me seems to revolve around her and i don't know how to move on with my life


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  • Why don't you tell her how u feel? If she says yes then great and if she says no then u will get closure. At least u tried.

    • during my last time with her I tried to talk about how i feel but i am totally confused what i told was about my feelings or something else.

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