My ex is texting my mother?

I don't understand this at all. He did the hurting. He had a drinking problem, and he was sober for a long time, but then relapsed and said "This is what i want to do." I said "Fine. If you want to be a drunk, then I am leaving this relationship." He also cheated on me. He hurt me and wasted 2 years of my life trying to help him and nurture him. I financially supported him until he could get a job because he was unstable and a drunk. I emotionally supported him, and he chose girls and booze over me, so I had it and left.

Well, usually he bothers the crap out of me when I leave. This time he text me a day later saying "I just called because I wanted to hear your voice one last time. You mean the world to me, and I love you very much and care about you despite of everything." I ignored it. He then starts texting my mom almost every day. He says "I wish Sara the best. She will always have a permanent place in my heart no matter where our lives take us, I will always love her and miss her badly." She said "Well, when people mess up and take someone that was good for them for granted, they have to suffer the consequences of never seeing them again." He said "I love Sara but I know I can't provide what she needs." Then he texts my mom the next day a pic of me and him, he says "I know I have to say goodbye, but I am going to miss her so bad." He put crying emojis, but my mom didn't reply because she is baffled, and he did the hurting. He was wrong and it's almost like he's making himself sound innocent. I was so devoted to him and I was IN LOVE with him, but he destroyed me. He also told her he's hurting, and he saw the movie i've been wanting to see by himself in a theater. Why is he doing this? It's almost like a slap in my face. My mom told him to just move on and live his life. He keeps messaging her about me though, like all heartbroken. It's very strange to us. What do you think? Best answer will be picked. Thank you.
My ex is texting my mother?
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