Every time she get upset she disappears?

So if I say that I don't like something or anything she'll disappear and is not reasonable I ask her I thought you coming home she replys don't ask me this and I'm just but again don't ask me then get upset hangs up and blocks me in like what happened to your promise to quit doing that in sick of it your unable to handle anything she always last time she asked me something i don't answer how she want she get up set and hangs up even when I had bad news at hospital I didn't wanna tell her over phone she still didn't come see me in person and went out with friends and came long after when I told her I really need someone I'm getting sick of it and I'm supposed marry her wtf is my problem why do I stay in this. Is it to much to ask for simple things and respect


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  • If she chooses to leave every single time she is upset instead of just discussing it with you and isn't there when you need her, it doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. Maybe she has issues with confrontation, or is just emotionally immature. Hope things get better!


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