How to get back in shape?

Lately I have been just slacking off and not doing much to work on my physical appearance. And I want to well get back in shape.

I am wondering if anyone has any tips on what to do. Most of the extra weight in in my stomach and legs of course. Should I just run and do more running? Or anything to change it up?

Also, about weight training, because I want to gain a little muscle weight. Is it good to weight train while losing weight? And which would be a good way to plan it out? I am actually thinking of going on an intense month-3 month schedule and workout mode to regain my body, shape, and stamina.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    And yes, cardio is the way to get rid of belly fat.; NOT crunches like so many people think.

    Don't forget to take before pics. You'll be so glad you did this for yourself!


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  • just eat right. drink lots of water. go jogging, go running. find a friend to work out with. hit the gym. and do everything you can to work towards that particular goal


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