Is she a rebound?

We was very close and very much in love. He told me he wanted to marry me and we have a baby on the way. The last day I saw him he was cuddling me saying how much he loved me. He left me exactly a month ago, a few days after he left he said he didn't love me, he began speaking to other girls pretty much a few days after.. 31/2 weeks after the break he's in a relationship with another girl who is also pregnant. Still telling me he didn't want this but he don't love me. Is it real or just a rebound?

We broke before for 2 weeks he said then he didn't love me but he came to my house and cried and said he just said it so I would leave him alone as his head was a mess. And I should know I am the love of his life. And he's left again.

I think i should move on, I guess it just hurts
Is she a rebound?
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