Is she a rebound?

We was very close and very much in love. He told me he wanted to marry me and we have a baby on the way. The last day I saw him he was cuddling me saying how much he loved me. He left me exactly a month ago, a few days after he left he said he didn't love me, he began speaking to other girls pretty much a few days after.. 31/2 weeks after the break he's in a relationship with another girl who is also pregnant. Still telling me he didn't want this but he don't love me. Is it real or just a rebound?

We broke before for 2 weeks he said then he didn't love me but he came to my house and cried and said he just said it so I would leave him alone as his head was a mess. And I should know I am the love of his life. And he's left again.

I think i should move on, I guess it just hurts


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  • well even if she is a rebound you shall ask yourself this, will you take him back if he comes back to you or not?
    It's all about you and about your feelings.. sure if you moved on it will hurt but if you continued to wait for him to come back to you it will also hurt... at least if you moved on you may recover faster

  • He's full of shit. Move on


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