I have an international stalker which destroyed my life for a year. He found me on internet and when I decided ı dont want to talk to him?

anymore he got furious started to create lots of fake accounts found my dads working place texted my friends found my mom and talked as my real friend and more. this boy uses drug gets in deep web frequently has bought lsd and blades from there. and he started to threaten me with my parents life and with the boy who I love. he even bought tickets to my city found my adress. he said if ı sent nudes to him he will stop forever. he did not ı know ı was stupid after ı block him forever he created an instagram account and made this page seen by my boyfriend. and I lost him forever. he loves me and ı love him so much by the way this happened before 2 months when we became couple. I am thinking to suicide ı have no one to talk ı lost the ost important person in my life. My parents know this. Police said nothing will change because he is not in the same country. won't anyone accept me the way I am? my boyfriend broke up with me without hesitation can anyone tell me how to breathe again?
ı already closed my social media accounts he still texts to my parnts to my friends even to my couisins


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  • How about get off social media if you can't handle him

    • This guy is online. Have you ever physically met him? Do you even know where he is?
      Tell your family to block his number

  • That's what you get for not using pseudonyms. My true face and name don't even exist on the Internet.


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