I was the girl he cheated with?

So I was in a relationship with this guy for 6 months not knowing he had a girlfriend for 5 years. the girlfriend of 5 years lives in another part of town that's about 20 min away. When I found out that he had played the both of us so well I told her i was sorry and had no idea he was already in a relationship when she confronted him he lied and told her I was making it all up. I left him for good but the girlfriend took him back. It's been 2 months with no contact of him but yesterday he randomly messages me. I have no idea why he did!


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  • Drunk, horny, prick, mostlikly you don't have his girl friends # or you could forward the message, block him your better than that!!


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  • "Do Not Reply Him" you did the right thing before and I'm sure you're gonna do the right thing this time again just don't tell his (5years) dating girlfriend, who's probably blind to his actions. She'll blame you if you'd go back to warn her and don't reply to that text it's probably a trap.


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  • Don't reply to him!!
    From my past experience it runs round in circles. And now you've told the girlfriend every time he cheats she will assume it's you...


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