He says he loves me but he can't do long distance anymore?

We met last summer, he was still in high school and I was going away for college and we fell in love. I left for school which was only two hours away but we still talked everyday and I went to visit him all the time. We made it official in January and it was the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I went back home to where he was for the summer. However, monthes went by and I had to go back to school. When I asked where we stood a week before I was leaving he said he loves me but he can't do long distance anymore. All of this was over text, which made everything worse, insensitive, and impersonal. Of course I was mad and frustrated at first because he hadn't even tried to make it work this time around but I knew it was for the best because LDR are so painful and hard. A couple days pass and I ask where he's at and that I need to know whether he wants to have no contact with me or talk eventually and be friends. He said he doesn't know where he's at but he's "obviously down to be friends with me". I asked what else is he unsure about to make him not know where he's at and he didn't reply and is ignoring me. Why is he ignoring me? This is a standard conversion to have after a breakup and he's making it more difficult and painful on me. What do you guys make of this situation?


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  • It's easier to let go of somebody when you cut them out, it's obvious that he can't do a LDR. Relationships need intimacy to some degree, this's impossible if you're at different Universities for a larger part of the year. Thus to get rid of his feelings for you he's pushing you out of his mind. And that starts by not talking to you, simple.


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  • If you can't maintain a romantic relationship due to distance then there is no point in keeping each other as friends with the same distance. Seems like a waste of time. You need to just move on and let him do the same, otherwise you'll be expecting more. And he knows this so he's ignoring you.


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