Has anyone practiced the No Contact Rule?

Was it successful?
Successful as in if they called you?


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  • It depends how you spend the time...
    If you spend it focusing on yourself and going out etc then it will help you get see that you are fine, if not better, without them

    My ex blocked me off IG and snapchat after seeing that I was doing just fine without him and I ignored his messages..
    So I guess it did make him jealous and helped me get over the break up..

    Good luck (: x

    • That's the thing I don't want to be over. He didn't even state if it was a break up he said space but I'm focusing on myself I'm just curious

    • The thing is, whether or not it's over isn't entirely up to you.. I strongly believe that if two people are meant to be together, it will eventually work out.. all you can do is try to not let your happiness be dependent on this relationship
      If you run after him - yeah you'll get together if it's meant to happen , but he won't respect you.. so make yourself someone worth missing and maintain your dignity by keeping a distance till he reaches out again..

      I know how it feels to want something to work but you have no control over it
      Put positive thoughts out there and trust the universe

    • Yeah I understand, it's just hard as hell :/

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  • Define success?

    If you mean that it helps you getting over them, then yes it definitely works. If you are trying to make someone miss you by reducing contact, then nit so much.

  • I have and yes.

    • How long til they called? & did she break up with you?

    • It was a mutual breakup. We weren't on bad terms or at each other's throat. Our relationship was destroying her relationship with her father. I basically let her go as I felt she wanted me to end it. The no contact lasted a couple of months. We never got back together but we remain friendly towards each other. I haven't had a girlfriend since. (2 years)

  • Very successful

  • Yes. Psycho girl came into my life like a category 5. She went away physically but has tried other unsuccessful means of getting my attention - Some crazy psychedelic shit. Didn't work either. Bitch is a disaster.


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  • No contact rule is for you not for them. It is successful once you have lived your life to the fullest without even thinking of them anymore or letting them affect your life in any way. At the same time, the other person will have time and space to wonder about you if you have moved on without them and may come back and reach out to you. But really what's the point? They come back and you guys go back to the same old merry go round of pain?

    • I've heard people come back and work things out because they've the time to think things through but yes in the mean time you are supposed to work on yourself to be better but it is for you and them also if you're trying to get them back so it's 50/50 I suppose

    • 50/50 if the other person cares. what if he doesn't?

    • Then i guess I'll find out sooner or later

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