Breaking up or stay?

My guy and I have been together for about 9 mos, before me he was single for years. The last few months have been more fighting, since I have moved in with him, about 5 mos ago. He knows I'm fighting for my son, so we made a beautiful room for him. He is great until we fight or I say something he doesn't like and tells me to "find somewhere else to live", I won't say anything that bad usually it does have to do with other women and he then gets angry and says he can't see why I won't believe him about things, that I'm the only one, then i explain why then comes a big drawn out fight and he tells me to leave and this seems to be his way of fixing every single bad fight we have had lately. I tell him afterwards I am and he tells me no I don't want you to go. So I don't. I have no money to just go. However if I needed to I know my options but I do love him, when things are good they're really good and if I leave him alone for a few hrs he cools down+while I'm trying to fight for some rights for my son I feel obligated to stay and work things out. He is older then I, ten years older to be exact which I thought this would mean he would be more mature then my last bad relationships, he was never married never had kids, last real relationship he really had was 10 years ago lasted about 4 years but she cheated a lot and he broke up with her. I've tried finding his ex on fb to talk to her, and see what I might be getting into. I'm kind of stuck though it feels like, we dated for about 3-4 mos he saw I was in a rocky situation and asked me to move in and everything was great during the whole dating process and even after I moved in for a few mos and then he quit texting as much doing all the little things we'd do when dating, I told him my feelings and again another fight and if I am not happy he asked why am I here? I told him because I love him, it doesn't get through, I don't know guys what should I do? Thoughts opinions PLEASE!


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  • It's not gonna work. That's how he really feels

    • I can't seem to accept this reality and feel like I know this and it breaks me down, and don't know what to do, or if his relationships from his past have always never worked out that's what he told me and maybe because girls leave to quickly. I wonder if he just is that inexperienced and doesn't know how to handle relationship complications.

    • Once the fighting starts it never stops

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