Have you ever stayed friends with someone you used to sleep with?

You were in a relationship in action but not by definition. Have you been able to maintain some sort of friendship with them?


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  • yes I have. still friends to this day.

    • that's awesome!

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    • she went on dinner date with MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR this past Saturday night...

      but yet when we talk, its like nothing...

      I want to stop calling her and reaching out because its killing my heart...

    • next door eh? wow. seems like she is trying to make you jealous. you should stop calling or reaching out to her. you're killing yourself. :( stop already :(

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  • Yes a couple of people

    • why were you able to make it work with those couple of people do you think?

    • I think age has a lot to do with it. Since myself and these people are over 30 now we don't hold emotions too much like when we are younger. So we can act like whatever lol that's just what I think

  • no, but i used to keep in touch with a few exes


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, my female friends are exes. Most in relationships or married but we still talk. A few of them just haven't discussed or history or talk to me secretly lol.

    • glad to hear the relationship was able to continue as a friendship.
      That gives me hope.

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