Why does my ex (she broke up with me) want my attentioN?

Ex broke up with me a while back. We do go to the same gym so we see each other a lot. Was hot and cold, flirted with other guys in front of me... technically played a lot of mind games in the beginning of the break up. Which was 4 months ago.

Now, things have gotten quite unusual. Whenever I talk to a girl, she would stare and whisper with her girlfriends. My friends and I definitely agree that she is stalking me at the gym, doing the classes that she usually doesn't do, which is something I do. Stares at me. Last week, she liked my instagram post but didn't like the one this week.

What's up with that?

someone explain this behaviour?


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  • Maybe stalking you or maybe she's lonely. You need to talk her, Anonymous, and say we were lovers back then. Now go away. Please.


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