How do I know if staying together is what I truly want?

I am not close with my family. They live far away, and we see each other a few times a year, tops. Only call to discuss the next visit. All my friends are my boyfriend's family. We hang out with his little brother and his girlfriend a lot. I love his parents too. They are wonderful and i see them much more as family than i do my own.

I still love my boyfriend, but i have doubts whether staying together is the right thing. If the only thing keeping me back from ending it is his friends and family.. I would be all alone. That wouldn't be good, but more so my fear is loosing these exact people in my life. Including him, of course. I love him, and i know i wouldn't want to be in contact with him or his family afterwards.

What if his family were taken out of the equation? I have a hard time envisioning this..

So, have any of you guys ever been in a relationship where you dont have any friends or people you care about except your bf/gf's? Were you afraid to be alone? How did you know what the right decision was?

And no, i dont want to end things just because i dont know the right answer. Just because i am wavering doesn't mean its the end. I am just scared that my love for his family and friends are clouding my judgement, making me hang on when i maybe shouldn't.


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  • Take a break and work things out fiend yourself


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