Why do people say a guy won't respect you if u keep running back?

What does that mean? How? Should I not call him if I want him back? ( he asked for space )


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  • As a stright guy who most of his friend are girls, so there may be some misunderstanding, I always thought it was to do with abusive relationships? I might be wrong.

    • How does this pertain to my question?

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    • That's the question I'm asking

    • I think that's why I miss understand. That phrase "he will lose respect if you keep going back to him" doesn't apply to your situation.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sometimes giving them space, gives them time to heal and time to miss you. Do not suffocate them with attention when they asked for space. Respect his wishes if you love him.

    • But I still don't get why, can u elaborate? If u can I'm trying to understand

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    • ok :/

    • I know that's not what you want to hear but it is the only way right now. :(

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