Can you get back with your ex after having problems, and still have a good relationship?

OK so my boyfriend and I broke up not long ago. I was really hurt cause he was the one that left me, and I didn't want it to end. Anyways, we haven't stopped talking or anything because we have admitted to still having feelings for each other. He said he didn't want a relationship.

Things were up and down, at first I kept pushing him into getting back with me, but after a couple of days I just stopped and accepted that all we could have was a friendship, and things the last few days have been great. We joke, and muck around and talk to each other a lot.

Today he asked me had my feelings changed because I don't text him as much as when we were together, I said back that they hadn't, but I just had to get used to not relying on him as much. he said that he hates this and he misses me, and that once he gets back from his holiday next week, that he would like to talk about trying again.

I'm making sure I don't get my hopes up, but I really wanna know, what is the chances of getting back with your ex after having problems and having a good relationship? We are not holding onto resentments and no one cheated or anything so are the chances of it working out good?


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  • depends what the problem was and whether anything has really changed. Just because he's noticed you backing off and is missing your presence doesn't mean he's any different when it comes to actually having a relationship.

    Best thing you can do is have him talk about his thoughts and feelings when he broke it off. What ever happened then is the issue that needs to be resolved in order for it work out. To ensure the same thing doesn't happen again.


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  • Yes you can make it work but you both have to want it. Also identify what caused the break-up in the first place and deal with it head on. If not you will have the same before..


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  • Browolf gave some good advice. I'd add that you should take it slowly. And make sure that your feelings haven't changed. It may be that you remember how things were in the beginning, the honeymoon stage. That stage doesn't last forever. I did get back with one of my exes after some time. It never worked out for us because we were too different and wanted different things in life. When all is said and done, you have to figure out if it's worth it to you to possibly go through the same heart break. For me personally, I know that I'd always wonder what if. Try not to think about it for the next week and go out and have fun. Good luck!


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