Just got dumped?

I don't know how to cope with heartbreak, I really loved her but she said we're better off as friends..


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  • move foreword she’s not worth tears FYI from experience just don’t use lines like I miss cuddles or go on about her when your looking for someone new (obvs do that when your ready) but spend time to yourself and have some me time everything happens for a reason

    • I just don't feel like doing anything tho.. any advice on how I can feel uplifted to go and do stuff? I don't know I've never been heartbroken before..

    • Spend some time doing things before her that made you happy or work on a project like uni work when one of my Work friends that’s a guy was in a similar boat he made a YouTube channel of gta five also food is always a winner comfort food and lots of it keep your mind busy x

    • thank you so much for taking the time to care for a stranger

What Guys Said 1

  • I have been there bro, it hurts a lot, hurts so much. Take time, lay low. It might take time to get over her but in the end it is your choice to move on and to do so in a healthy mature way!

    I had to just accept she has that choice and now, it is over. Appreciate what you had, but it is time to look forward to what is in front of you not what was. If you think in the past, how can you live in the present? I later realized, she wasn't what I needed, she was just what I ws looking for. This is just how it was for me really.

    I hope you take it easy man, cheers bro!

    • thanks dude, those are some really nice words. thanks for taking the time to write such long paragraphs

    • Ohh yeah man, no problem! I remember how I felt and would wish someone said the same to me. Cheers bro

    • thanks

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