He broke up with me but wants to continue to see me?

Me and this guy have been talking for about 4 months, at first we were just friends and eventually turning into talking, we slept together within the first month. &I I asked him what was it that he wanted first he said he didn't know, so then couple weeks later he said I was his girlfriend. Last week he tried acid for the first time, the next day he comes and says " I don't think I'm ready to be with u I need to focus on myself" I said okay we can slow things down. But yet he still has all my passwords always accusing me of seeing other people always going through my phone. And leaving me hickeys everywhere. He doesn't call me babe but yet we are still sleeping and still going out and doing things like a couple would do... ?


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  • use him as he use you 😇

  • He just wants the freedom to fuck any girl without you being labeled as his girlfriend he can do that without cheating.

    • He said he wouldn't talk to anyone as long as I didn't either. But he goes through my phone like crazy and always accusing me of doing things... but he's not my bf?

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    • Would it be safe to simply ask if there is another girl in the picture?

    • I'll send you a pm if thats ok

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