How do I tell an ex I don't want to be friends since ignoring him isn't working and I can't block him?

So my ex has texted me since we broke up but I've been ignoring for the last month for a couple reasons.
First, anytime I reply he just argues with me about what I say or if it's about him he gets defensive about why he does things the way he does things. And many times he's argued with me about things I definitely know more about but has argued with me anyway.
Second, I'm in a relationship and, though I find no problem with people being friends with exes to an extent, I don't want to talk to him since he's flirted and tried to make me jealous I think.
Third, and the most tiny problem, he has no social skills. Even in the five months we dated, he barely asked how I was, and since we've broken up he's asked once since we had one of the recent hurricanes come through, and he only ever talks about himself.



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  • Tell him (bluntly) you don't want to talk to him anymore and can't be friends. Then block his number, there are ways.

    • I can't find these ways sadly can't find them

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    • Thank you so much. Been trying to figure it out forever now. But will it block texts?

    • You're welcome, I'm happy to help. It should block the number, texts included.

  • Insecurity, and you can block him. Top of the txting is three dots. Click that and click block. And say good bye to your issue.

    • There are no three dots. My phone is so janky. And what about insecurity?

    • What kind of phone do you have. And insecurity meaning that he can't let you go because he sounds like he is wanting to I know every move you make, because he in the relationship thinks you might be cheating on him then. But now, I don't think in his little brain it has hit him your done. So in my opinion this is what I would do. I would tell him it's over don't call do t wrote don't even talk to me anymore. My boyfriend is getting upset even I know I have told you and him it's over with you. Now stop.

    • Alright thank you. I figured out the blocking situation but that other bit is good just in case.

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  • I was in the same situation not to long ago. I was dealing with a guy who pretty much wanted me to do everything for him but he did not do the same in return for me. He always had his hand out but never once considered how I was feeling. I had got tired of his ways. He was not like that in the beginning, its like he has changed. I am done. I have no feelings for him and do not see myself wanting to be with him anymore not even for sex. Its best to keep ignoring his calls and texts.


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